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Material Finishes

Different material finishes will present stone in ways that will enhance the performance and visual impact.

Majority of the slabs have already been prepared with a polished face finish. In addition, honed, flame textured and sandblasted finishes are available for a variety of materials.

All types of material finishes can be carried out on site or back at our workshop.

Polished Finishes

A polished stone will bring out the full depth of colour and clarity of both detail and structure of the material. In addition, modern polishing materials and techniques enhance a stones ability to maintain its natural lustre and help prevent ingress of moisture and contaminants.

Honed Finishes

A stone with this finish will imbue the material with more of a natural, earthy appeal. Colours and structures are subtly muted. Depending on the specific material, light is reflected from such surfaces with a resinous or dull lustre. Honing will also impart a degree of slip resistance to many materials which may be desirable in certain flooring projects for example.

Flame Textured

Another special technique developed by stone specialists. Here concentrated heat has been focused at the very surface of the stone to shatter individual crystals within the surface layer so creating a rough high friction surface with associated good non-slip properties. This technique will mask the depth of colour, veining and other visual structural elements of the stone. In addition, this finish will exhibit minimal internal reflection of light.

Sandblasted finish

A sandblasted finish creates a finely textured surface ideal for use in traffic-ways. Applying a high pressured jet, this treatment softens the colour and characteristics of the original stone.

Specialist book matched materials

For any materials not listed on our website, please call to discuss your requirements as we have contact with quarries all over the world.