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    Welcome to Madstone LTD, where you can find some of the most exclusive
    stone materials manufactured to your personal taste to suit all aspects of the home,
    commercial and industrial environment.
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    From design consulting, planning, procurement, installing and maintaining are just some of the areas Madstone LTD cover.
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Our Services


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Surveying & calibrating

Surveying and calibrating our client’s requirements are our first point of call to choose the correct material, whether it be Granite, Marble, Limestone or any other high end stone.

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Design Planning

Designing to maintaining a high end property or development requires specialist masonry skills, ie: Correct cleaning to sealing the product to prolong the natural beauty of your chosen stone material.

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Working With You

It is imperative for us to get a feel of what our client is expecting from their stone, whether its internal works, high end materials, bespoke furniture etc.

Why Choose us

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High Skilled & Creative Artistic Designers

Our London based team consists of some of the most enthusiastic, energetic and creative artistic masonry craftsmen. We have a long serving history of working on some of the most historic buildings to the latest new age designs.

Highest Quality Stone Materials

From supplying a kitchen worktop to supply and designing a palace or historic building is not a challenge – as our previous projects show. Our suppliers only guarantee the highest quality stone material.

Community Spirit

We work in our local borough which has led to working for other boroughs – Within our borough and community we are proud members of the holocaust which we attend every year and have won an award for this project. We are a community spirted company and socially friendly. We have also donated locally, park benches and flowers to go back into the community.


What Our Clients Say

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